Lemonade is one of my favorite beverages. Finding a recipe for these Lemonade Cupcakes from The Novice Chef was a great day for me, and I decided to whip them up this morning. Baby Z looked on from her bouncer while these got made, offering the occasional grunt of encouragement. It was really nice to work in the kitchen with her there.

Unfortunately these did not turn out as fantastic as I hoped. I’m not sure if I wrote the recipe out wrong in the first place, or if I measured incorrectly when actually making these or what, but the cupcakes themselves were just not fantastic. I’m leaning towards I measured incorrectly though. There was very little rise, and the cupcakes themselves have kind of an off taste about them. Not sure what it is, but it’s not great.

The best thing about these in my opinion was the buttercream. It was delicious and amazing and everything a lemonade buttercream should be. I wasn’t able to take as much time to play around with these and try to make them pretty because Baby Z decided to start a screaming fit when I was trying to decorate them, so I kind of just sped through.

lemonade cupcakesI also realized I started frosting them while still in the pan. They were cool though. But that’s how little they rose. Even with the frosting, I could still get them out no problem.

Goods Baked – 4/100


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