For movie night tonight, we watched Looper (which is amazing) and ate these Blackened Fish Tacos from The Novice Chef. These tacos were delicious! The fish came out really well, I was able to get a really nice sear on it, and it was just delicious. I have to say that the sauce with this really brought it all together wonderfully.

So far this year we haven’t bought any tortillas from the store, and have instead been making our own, and I have to say it’s really been working nicely for us! I’m not a fan of store bought corn tortillas at all, but corn tortillas made at home are a totally different matter. The flavor is just so much better, and they just seem to go so much better with the taco fillings!

Anyway, this was really good, I loved the fish and the flavor combination. Everyone else enjoyed this one as well. Sadly, I didn’t get a good pic of this one, sorry! Take my word that it turned out really deliciously though :)

Savory Dishes – 10/100

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