Wontons are something that I very much enjoy eating. I’m not the biggest fan of making them though. It’s not that it’s difficult, it’s just a process. You gotta make the filling, cook stuff for the filling, assemble them, ¬†fold them up, and then cook them. Basically not something that you, or at least I, can throw together for a quick week night meal.

But! Since I’m home most of the week, I figure I can start making them a bit more often. So tonight I made these Crispy Southwest Chicken Wontons from Picky Palate.

I started the process on these fairly early in the day. Baby Z was really chill this morning, and actually let me put her down for her morning nap, so I got about 2 hours of hands free baby time in the kitchen this morning, and it was wonderful. I made another batch of croutons, made ketchup for the first time, and got the filling made for the wontons. Not a bad use of my time, if I do say so myself!

I had hoped to get the wontons all stuffed and ready to be tossed in the oven this afternoon, but Baby Z was not feeling as gracious as she was this morning, so that didn’t happen. Instead I recruited Husband to fill these puppies while I got Baby Z ready for bed (we’re working on implementing a bedtime routine right now).

I opted to bake these in an attempt to make them slightly healthier, and I have to say, I think next time I’d just fry them. They didn’t come out all the way crispy, and I just think fried would be better.

These were ok, not over the hill fantastic, but not bad. I dipped mine in ranch while Husband dipped his in some of the leftover fish sauce from the tacos last night. I think I might try a corn and black bean salsa with the chicken and maybe some chipotle ranch instead of the filling that I made tonight. No picture again tonight because I forgot! Sorry!

Savory Dishes – 11/100

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